Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparing for travel

This is the 15th of November and I realize that my start as an ecumenical accompanier in Palestine is less than one month away. ( see website: )  In some ways I have been preparing for a while and it always seemed like it was way off in the distance.  However, the packing has started, the tickets have been purchased, the funding has nearly been accomplished and the Arabic language instruction is making more sense. 

In deciding how to generate funds, my husband, Obed, and I decided to offer several lunches and dinners in our home.  Since we go to Alaska every summer we brought back additional frozen salmon to have enough to offer to anyone who decided to come to our home.  By having a signup at Peace Lutheran it helped us know how many to prepare for each time.  The menu was pretty basic but we were amazed how many compliments were given.  The menu consisted of red lentil soup and bread, grilled sock-eye salmon, rosemary/garlic potatoes and coleslaw.  We finished off the meal with brownies and ice cream.  Since we tried to keep each event at a 2 hour time-span it meant we needed to be ready to serve the food once everyone arrived.  The 2nd hour was spent in viewing the DVD by Anna Baltzer called "Life in Occupied Palestine" followed by discussion. The last dinner was hosted by members of our congregation in their home.  We supplied the meatballs and lefse and they furnished the rest. 

I will always remember and am grateful for the 96 people whom we hosted.  It was fun to share food and fellowship.  We all learned more about the plight of the Palestinians and about EAPPI.  Yesterday was another fund raiser at Peace Lutheran Church for Global Missions.  The ever popular pancakes always go over big and those who help out always entertain everyone who comes to assure a great time for all.